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tarot readerSome people may find it strange that someone offers free tarot readings. After all it’s a service and if you provide it for free it may sound like you are providing small value.

Shamans and healers (a tarot reader for me falls in this category) traditionally worked for free, or better in exchange of a free offer. They lived out of support from their community. Even today, in the age of social media marketing, you will still find people who work in the traditional way. My first teacher, a brujo called Toni in Havana, only asked for a free offer, which could even be a cigar or a bottle of rum (to support his family he was working as a cab driver). Also my teacher Sundararajan in Pondicherry healed people in exchange of a free offer to give at the end of the process. Their service was far from being cheap, they were among the most powerful healers I’ve ever met.

I believe there is a reason why healers tended not to ask for a compensation: that would empower the seeker and create expectations and doubts: I pay you X, I expect Y. In this way the seeker becomes the master, and I think this is hardly a productive context. The healer can also get conditioned by that and become more inclined to please the client rather than truly helping a fellow human being, which sometimes require uncomfortable answers and some firm “no”.

The seeker, in case of tarot, should come with an open heart and an open mind, appreciating the wisdom that is received from the tarot reader, giving value to it, and meditating on it. Seekers should give a free offer after the session, based on their means and their appreciation for the service received. The rich will know that they need to give more, the poor will know that they can give less. What is important is that they offer something as a form of gratitude and respect, because if they don’t they will accrue a spiritual debt (which is worst that material debt, even if less visible).

I don’t blame people who charge a fixed price for their healing services. Regardless of the abundance and opportunities technology could provide to everyone today we still live in a system where if you don’t have a job that generates profit you will end up in ruin (and jobs are evaporating due to progressive automation…). Things will change, we will get a universal basic income but it will take one generation or two. Today, if I wanted to work as a healer full time, I’d have to charge as well. For the moment I am happy to keep it as a hobby as I am busy with my artistic mission and my work.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, one of the most thought provoking artists of the last 50 years and director of “The Holy Mountain”, is also a tarot master that I highly respect. For 30 years, every Wednesday, in a Paris cafè, he gave tarot readings for free to people who went there to see him. I like his style and I decided to do something similar using my instagram as location instead of a cafe.

It works this way: you ask me your question via private message on insta and I will do a three card reading for you, providing you with an answer and a pic of the cards that came out for you. Don’t expect fortune telling, that’s not how I intend tarot plus our destiny is not written, we create it everyday. For me tarot is a tool for self evolution. Your answer will be more about spiritual forces in action and things you need to watch out.

Even if it will take me 30 mins to 1 hour for each reading, as said I will do it for you for free. But as explained you must give something back. It can be as simple as supporting my artistic mission by sharing the 2kTenCom (Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium), which would be greatly appreciated. And/or you can share your tarot reading. Up to you, I won’t force your hand anyway and I will take what comes.

My time is limited so you may have to wait, but I’ll try to fullfill every request and do it regularly at least once a week. To ask for your reading follow me on instagram and send me a private message with your question. I can do it in Italian and Spanish as well.

May the tarot help you find your answers.

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