Voyage at the Centre of the Universe: a Fractal Odyssey

In this visual journey inside a fractal I am going to take you deep down the rabbit hole, make you explore depths and wonders that defy imagination, and perhaps even challenge your vision of reality. We’ll sail together on a magical ship through the waves of space and time, like modern Argonauts looking for gold… Will we ever reach our destination? Only the brave who take the journey will know what the future holds. I can give you a hint though: at the end of this fractal odissey the mysterious words of the song ’39 by Brian May might make a lot of sense… may they be auspicious for our journey! 🙂

Here the ship’s log begins…

DAY 4. Lost as we are inside a tunnel that leads to infinite tunnels, inside the ship the bewilderment of the crew is thankfully rivaled by the excitement for the marvels that keep on manifesting in front of our eyes. The myriad of lines that surround this endless spiral of black holes sometimes give the impression of being lines of code, or words. One member of the crew suggested that we may be traveling inside the mind of God… These visions have been reported by 3 people so far, but we have been unable to capture evidence on camera so we dismissed them as hallucinations. Today is to be reported as an exciting day filled with hope though: we finally found a hole that seems different from the others. As you can see there is a strange line pointing inside the big hole, which we never witnessed before. Clueless and lost as we are, we all agreed to take it as a sign to follow and headed our ship towards that black hole.

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DAY 5 (Part 2). We magnified the previous pic on the point where our computer spotted the anomaly. I can hardly express how much this picture left us speechless. We basically found evidence of human writing… inside a fractal! The writing is in Italian, it reads "Cerca Trova" ("Seek Find"). The computer confirmed the calligraphy is from Leonardo da Vinci (!) This finding defied our reason like nothing else so far. The most cool and rational within the crew, those who always had an explanation for everything, this time remained silent and you could see in their eyes how much their mind was shaken. On the other side those who in the previous days reported sights we dismissed as hallucinations were full of excitement because they finally could demonstrate that they were not the crazy ones. Two people even got on their knees and started to pray… Whatever we are in, it has an intelligence of its own and is trying to communicate with us.

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DAY 24. Back from 19 days of black out. Our ship's computer has been sabotaged by one member of the crew. We had to face a riot, it has been difficult to regain control of the ship. There has been blood, but no one was killed. It's difficult to express how much this electrical landscape we are immersed in is challenging our brains, causing all sort of hallucinations, and ultimately spreading mad superstitions among the crew, which caused the riot. We finally repaired the computer and I can update the journal, which would have been rather depressive in the past couple of weeks, both because of the events inside the ship, both because after the great hope after finding the writing of Leonardo "cerca trova" inside the fractal space we have been as lost as ever. The marvellous and hypnotic rabbit hole we are in has lost its power to excite us and as the days went by it became endlessly monotonous and repetitive, as well as terribly silent. We are losing hope of finding our way, the fear of being lost for eternity is raising and is shaking the minds of the most loyal and rational within the crew. We desperately need another sign…

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DAY 34. After 10 very difficult days, when hope was lost and madness was widely infecting our minds, we finally found another message inside the rabbit hole! From the monotonous and endlessly repetitive fractal space another intelligent sign emerged: the Google logo plus a visual artwork. Our computer identified it as "Journey to the West" by a mysterious Italian artist called Barabeke, a freak who claims to be a "messenger of an extravagant theory about the origin and nature of the universe". There seems to be no relation at all between Google and this guy, which adds even more question marks in our already puzzled minds. No matter how strange the sight, the excitement that brought to us was comparable to the one of a thirsty explorer who after a long and lonesome journey in the desert finally spots an oasis. Without second thoughts we directed our ship closer to the artwork, which we'll be exploring in detail.

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DAY 35. As our ship got closer to the artwork we found inside the fractal space, we noticed a mysterious doll holding a ball of purple energy with a heart and a cross inside it. As soon as we stopped to observe it, the image started to mutate and all sort of creatures began to arise from it, almost as it was a dream created with Google’s Deep Dream Generator. Soon we found ourselves sucked in that dream full of organic forms with alien eyes all around watching us. It was almost like an evolution in reverse, we went from primates, to reptiles, and finally we reached the insect stage where we found strange bugs whose body seemed to be in part mechanical. In the eye of one of these bugs there was an azure light. As we got closer, that light revealed itself to be the scariest vision we had so far: an eerie creature, some sort of a ghost made of fractals whose power of attraction we could not escape….

This concludes our magical journey. I hope you enjoyed it and will treasure the words we found and the end of the rabbit hole. These Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium are my heritage for the new generations.

Lena Mana
[ 30/09/2015 05:08 am ]

Very imaginative, keep going ))

[ 06/10/2015 11:12 pm ]

Yes! I need to know what happens! How will this coarse-grained message be explained?! Your magnification increased the “noise” in day 5, part 2. Explore this relationship between signal, noise, and information! Keep going! I want to continue on this journey!

  • barabeke
    [ 08/10/2015 07:57 pm ]

    Cheers! Stay tuned, there may be a huge surprise at the end of the tunnel, something unexpected and rarely seen in the history of humanity…

    it’s happening live on my instagram
    I will periodically update this post 😉

[ 22/10/2015 07:43 am ]

Hallo over there 😉
Quite interesting to read – considering one of my favorite movies about Matrix…
So … laterzzz!