Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium

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10 commandments

Someone asked me to explain how did I come up with these ten commandments for the digital millennium, which were found at the end of the rabbit hole in my Voyage at the Centre of the Universe: a Fractal Odyssey.

Here is my explanation: they came to me one night a couple of months ago, as a sudden inspiration from what Jung would call “spirit of the depths”. It took me ten minutes to write them down on my evernote. Then I asked myself: what am I going to do with this stuff? So I came up with the idea of the fractal journey, a serial story to run on social media to build a bit of curiosity around this revelation, or whatever you want to call it. My point was: if I have to deliver ten new commandments for the digital millennium, let’s be entertaining and let’s be fictional, because this world had far too many people creating sufferance and putting chains on the human soul because of giving too much importance to words and turning symbols into idols. In delivering these words I tried to be respectful of the 4th commandment…

I must admit I felt the responsibility of what I was doing, even if I am well aware that these words may be forgotten. I put all my best knowledge and sensitivity into making sure these ten commandments didn’t leave out anything meaningful and would permit, if followed, liberation and evolution for humankind in this brave new digital age. I spent a considerable amount of time pondering and doing research, to make sure that what came to me through the spirit of the depths was in line with the spirit of the time, and made some minor edits.

While most people may laugh at me or consider me a weirdo, I am happy to have completed what is for me a key artistic mission. My karma feels good about it. Up to you what you want to do with these words. If you want to print them and wipe your butt with them, go for it! After all, they are just words. They don’t mean anything by themselves, their job is to touch something inside of you that is not part of the rational mind. I have to warn you though: if you truly wipe your butt with them you’ll be sorry about it…. Your butt will get all dirty with black ink!

Many of the commandments may sound familiar to you as you probably heard them from others in different forms. Not my fault if key spiritual teachings look all the same. If people followed them more, perhaps there wouldn’t be need of people reminding them once in a while 🙂 Some may be a bit obscure, for example the 9th commandment “build a universe inside a machine”. That will make more sense if you read my credo, which also comes from the spirit of the depths (in that case I could be more rational and connect more easily with the spirit of the time).

If you feel there is wisdom in these words, and that even if they come from a jester they are more positive and helpful than the words of hate that surround us everyday, then please share, and feel free to make fun of me if you want. Cheerio! 🙂

[ 27/11/2015 08:37 pm ]

I totally feel this.
Thank you, Barabeke.