My #SelfieTale

Some may think this is a display of narcissism. No way. I am far from having a cult of my image or try to look nice and I rarely spend time in front of the mirror (when I do, I play like a monkey). Face and body though can be powerful expressive tools, reason why portraits have always been popular among art lovers.

When you take a selfie you are working with an ideal model, one that does exactly what you want in the moment you want it. That’s why sometimes I enjoy indulging in them. I will be honest and admit that I consider myself as a work of art, but not an inch more than you are a work of art. Because we all are. Loving yourself and your life is important, it’s something we should strive to do as long as we don’t turn it into an ego trip. Honesty goes a long way.

Take the images you have identified yourself with since you were a child, put them together, and there you have a piece of art that tells stories. It’s a good exercise, if you create your own #SelfieTale you might learn something about yourself  🙂

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