The Mother of all Stories

Mater Historiolosa & Sons. The following are all fractals, the first one generating the batch of 9 in the second pic through “genetical mutation” of the code.

fractal art

fractal art

How a single fractal can tell a thousand stories. One could spend years of his life writing a novel using just these 9 characters… Then burn all those years of work in one tweet that is likely to create zero engagement.

Like the Italian writer Aldo Busi recently wrote: “morta è ogni cultura che non sia mangereccia” (“dead is any culture that can’t be consumed with immediate satisfaction”), as a way to say that a great novel like Moby Dick or Don Quijote could maybe find a writer today devoting part of his life to such opus magnum, but hardly enough readers to turn it into a pillar of our culture. There is just too much distraction, so much easy, fast, colourful, sensational content providing instant gratification, that only what is truly popular and easy for everyone (ie. Gangnam Style) can raise to become a cultural icon. I am not saying there won’t be new great works of literature, I am saying that 99,9% of humanity will ignore them because they will get lost in the noise.

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